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Zoom 链接:7:30pm 22 June

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Meeting ID: 839 5272 8368

Passcode: 340236

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1/ 7:30pm-8:00pm

维州卫生与人类服务 发展部 经理

Mohamed Mohideen


包括⚠️中英文答疑时间 7:45-8:00pm

2/ 8:00pm~8:30pm

前戴瑞滨市长,维州多元文化商业部官员, 蒋天麟专业医生

3/ 8:30pm-8:40pm


4/ 8:40pm-9:00pm


5/ 9:00pm-9:10pm


6/ 9:10pm- 9:30pm




VIC Health & State-Wide Chinese Community COVID Forum
The Federation of Chinese Associations (Vic) and the Chinese Community Expansion Meeting on the Epidemic;
A presentation on the state's vaccine policy.

Time: Tuesday 22nd June at 7:30pm,

live on Auslivestream

Zoom : 7:30pm 22 June

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 839 5272 8368

Passcode: 340236

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In the process of epidemic prevention and control, we may suffer from psychological problems, such as anxiety, panic, fatigue, physical pain, lack of trust, blind conformity, etc. Some people may even suffer from serious psychological sequelae after the epidemic. Therefore, we must pay attention to individual psychological adjustment and crisis response, establish the consciousness that everyone is the first person responsible for their own health, and fight against the epidemic, starting from the psychological attention. At the same time, we should also pay attention to regulating nutrition and keep healthy.

Main speakers:

1 / 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM,

Mohamed Mohideen

the Manager of Engagement and Partnerships, COVID-19 Vaccination Program in Department of Health ViC

Online interpretation:

Professor Charles Qin OAM


Q&A in Chinese and English

2/ 8:00 PM-8:30pm

Doctor Stanley Chiang

Professional Doctor and Former mayor of Daribin, the official of Victoria multicultural business department

3 / 8:30 PM-8:40PM

Dr. Che Sam Lo, The Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), Former President of the FCA and President of the Chinese Community Health Advisory Of Australia

4 / 8:40 PM-9:00PM

Dr Li Lin, The Australian Chinese Individual Support Association ( ACISA)

5/ 9:00 PM-9:10PM

Australian Chinese Individual Support Association

6/ 9:10pm- 9:30pm

Questions and Answers Time in Chinese

The Federation of Chinese Associations (VIC) Inc.

10 June 2021

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