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The Australian Chinese Community Enthusiastically Welcomes Chinese Premier Li Qiang's Visit to Australia

In June 2024, Chinese Premier Li Qiang made an official visit to Australia, garnering significant attention and a warm welcome from the Chinese community in Australia. During the visit, Premier Li and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese attended a series of events, including a welcome banquet with the Chinese diaspora and the ninth annual China-Australia Prime Ministers' Meeting.

During his interaction with representatives of the Chinese community in Australia, Premier Li Qiang first extended sincere greetings and best wishes to the overseas Chinese. He emphasized that the healthy development of China-Australia relations is in the common interests of the people of both countries and meets the expectations of regional countries. The Chinese community in Australia has played a unique role in promoting economic, cultural, and people-to-people exchanges between China and Australia.

Image source: South China Morning Post

Premier Li highlighted that China's economy is resilient, full of potential, and vibrant, and its long-term positive trend will not change. A prosperous and increasingly open China will bring more new opportunities for China-Australia mutually beneficial cooperation and inject strong momentum into the global economy. During this visit, China and Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Economic Dialogue, restarting the strategic economic dialogue to promote communication and advance pragmatic and effective economic cooperation. Additionally, China announced that it will include Australia in the list of countries for unilateral visa exemption, providing more convenience for tourists from both countries and promoting cultural exchanges.

During his meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Premier Li Qiang emphasized that the essential characteristic of China-Australia relations is mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. He stated that the development of China and Australia presents opportunities rather than challenges for each other. Both sides agreed to uphold the positioning of the comprehensive strategic partnership, prioritize the common interests of their peoples, and expand and deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields to continuously advance China-Australia relations.

In summary, Premier Li Qiang's visit strengthened China-Australia relations and brought more development opportunities to the Chinese community in Australia. During Premier Li Qiang's visit, the Victoria Chinese Association (VCAA), under the leadership of President Chen Yunguo, formed a strong reception team. This team made meticulous arrangements, careful preparations, and organized everything to ensure the success of Premier Li Qiang's visit.

The VCAA organized over 700 members of the Melbourne Chinese community to drive to the Australian capital, Canberra, to welcome Premier Li Qiang and his delegation. This demonstrated the high level of attention and support the visit received from the Chinese community.

The organizing committee of the VCAA showed dedication and wholehearted effort, ensuring the four-day reception tasks were successfully completed. This organization and service work are of great significance in promoting friendly relations between China and Australia and enhancing the status and influence of the Chinese community in Australian society.

Premier Li Qiang's visit not only has important implications for promoting China-Australia bilateral relations but also provided the Chinese community in Australia with an opportunity to showcase their cultural pride and community cohesion. Through such high-profile visits, the Chinese community can better connect with other communities in Australia and act as a bridge between China and Australia.

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